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Yogi reviews: X-MEN 3 May. 28th, 2006 @ 05:08 pm
This is one of the most painful reviews that I will have to write. The X-Men series have always had a soft spot for me thanks to their deep social commentary. Oh, I must admit, you have to peel off 99 pages of crap to get that 1 panel of goodness, but those panels made it all worth while. 

Enter the X-men cartoons. One of the most GRACEFUL dispositions of governmental abuse of power ever written. Truly. It becomes crystal clear if you look for it. 

So imagine my thrill when the movies came out. The first one set the stage for a fairly complex story line that could be expanded to a myriad of directions. The plot showed to be especially promising along the lines of governmental malfeasence. I had high hopes, and was willing to forgive the indiscretions they took with the plotline, so long as they stayed true to the characters.  Then the second one came out, raising my hopes ever further with it's embrace of violence and political intrigue.

Well, my hopes were dashed with the third movie. 

First and foremost: The movie itself is broken on a fundamental level. It is a disorienting jump from scene to scene, leaving the whole thing a jumbled mess that leaves continuity in it's wake.  The movie fails to follow any real narrative style. It hurls a bunch of concepts at you, and leaves you to figure it out. 

The plot itself can be compressed into a 30 minute show if they left out much of the fluff. All of the plotlines that could make this into a good movie are never developed, instead it just rambles on and on from fight scene to fight scene until the merciful showdown. 

There are some ironic moments of course... humans are attempting to do what Magneto tried in the first episode.  There are significant developments (LEFT UNEXPLORED) on the greater political scene. The graphics are indeed staggering, and characters behave according to their personas...  well, all but the bad guys, who only exist to be destroyed in fancy schmancy mutant batles. 

If someone were to re-cut this film and edit it into something useful, they would do this word a service. 

In conclusion, feel free to watch it, but don't expect more than eye candy.

UPDATE: Anarchangel has a better review


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